Anime USA Would Like to Announce Our First Guest, David Trosko!

Dave Trosko is a Texan Voice Actor and Director. He’s most known for his roles as Spain in the ultra-popular Hetalia Series; as well as Guren Ichinose in Seraph of the End. Dave has been working almost exclusively with Funimation for now going on 14 years, having been featured in hundreds of anime titles over his career.

Currently Dave is excited to have joined the team at Funimation as one of their newest ADR directors.  He’s been hard at work, voice directing the new hit Rugby anime “All Out!!” for his directorial debut with more projects to come!

Apart from acting and directing Dave pursues his passion in culinary design, fine wine, and spirits as a private Chef and Sommelier and home brewer. He also spend a lot of time as a professional Dad for his wickedly awesome son George from whom Dave gains most of his inspiration and utter hilarity.