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Current Open Positions

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Radio Ops Staff (General)

AUSA Radio Operations is looking for a couple of additional staff members to aid with communications throughout the convention. The staff member will be paired up with an additional Radio Ops staff member to perform the following duties (Duties will vary upon needs):

  1. Aid with set up of Radio Ops set up on Thursday night of the convention.
  2. Staff during selected shift.
  3. Monitor radio traffic to ensure messages are received throughout the convention as needed.
  4. Act as a relay caller if there are issues with area coverage of the radios.
  5. With guidance, during an emergency, communicate throughout all areas of the emergency with special codes (provided at pre-con meeting).
  6. Log/pass out radios, headphones, and safety vests as needed.
  7. Log in radios, headphones, and safety vests as needed.
  8. Log/pass out additional batteries and supplies for radio operations
  9. Act as back-up help for the AUSA Con Security on the radios during an emergency
  10. Teach general staff how to operate radios and enforce Radio Ops rules
  11. Aid with pack up of Radio Ops Sunday afternoon of the convention

Requirements –

  1. Must be able to complete full shifts as assigned
  2. Must be able to work with a team, and as needed, multitask
  3. Must NOT be afraid of birds… 🙂 She is our team mascot.

Logistics Department Head

  • Recruiting logistics staffers and keeping them informed and trained as necessary.
  • Creating a schedule for logistics staffers to be sent out before the event to inform them what days and times they are expected to work.
  • Recruiting a designated truck driver, preferably well-experienced, who understands the specific truck routes between the storage unit and the hotel, and vice-versa.
  • Ensuring that all logistics staffers have transportation to and from the storage unit, as well as transportation to and from the event (e.g., carpooling, metro, staff parking, etc).
  • Ensuring that staffers have the proper equipment and supplies to safely and easily transport convention inventory. For example: making sure the flatbed carts are functional, materials are available to pack fragile items, etc.
  • Coordinate the inventory of all items in the storage unit as well as ensuring that items in possession of staff members (e.g., laptops, tablets, etc.) are being tracked. This inventory occurs months before the event.
  • Ensuring that convention items in the storage unit are arranged safely, and are organized for ease of access and identification. Additionally, ensuring that items on the truck are packed as safely as possible for transport and unloading.
  • Ensuring that the proper truck for moving items is available and rented for the dates of the event. Additionally, ensuring that the truck is picked up and returned on time, and that it remains properly fueled.
  • Coordinating with the function space manager  to verify load-in and load-out areas for the event. This includes verifying the pathways staffers will take to transport items between the truck and function areas during both load-in and load-out.
  • Coordinating with the Dockmaster to verify truck parking and that convention load times do not interfere with hotel or other convention operations,.
  • Ensuring that logistics expenses remain within budget.
  • Ensuring that all equipment arrives and leaves the convention space, which includes doing a walkthrough of the storage unit areas and the convention space to make sure no items were left behind. 

Logistics Staff

  • Showing up on time based on the scheduling and/or direction of the Logistics Department Head.
  • Safety loading and unloading items to and from the truck before and after the event.
  • Safely transporting convention equipment or supplies throughout the convention space as directed by the Department Head.