Staff at Anime USA

Anime USA is built on the hard work of our staff and volunteers and we are always looking for new staffers to join our team! A full staffing position requires a commitment of at least 24 hours prior to, during, and/or post-convention in order to maintain staff status and gain staff perks.

Not looking for such a commitment? Consider volunteering! Volunteers can help as little as a few hours; we always appreciate an extra hand! To learn about volunteering, click here .

We are currently looking for staff in the following areas:

  • Logistics
  • Programming
  • Attendee Services
  • Guest Services

Staff Perks:

  • Badge
  • Crash space (shared with other staffers)
  • Meal Stipend
  • Event t-shirt

Ready to join our team? Check out some of the open positions below then fill out an application here:

2022 Anime USA Staffing Interest Form