Staff at Anime USA

Anime USA is built on the hard work of our staff and volunteers and we are always looking for new staffers to join our team! A full staffing position requires a commitment of at least 24 hours prior to, during, and/or post-convention in order to maintain staff status and gain staff perks.

Not looking for such a commitment? Consider volunteering! Volunteers can help as little as a few hours; we always appreciate an extra hand! To learn about volunteering, click here.

Staff Perks

  • Badge
  • Crash space (shared with other staffers)
  • Stipend
  • Event t-shirt

Ready to join our team? Check out some of the open positions below then fill out an application here:

Don’t see a position you’re interested in? Submit a general application for consideration using the link above!

Current Open Positions

Gameroom Staff

Your duties include:

  • Assist with initial set up, which includes setting up consoles
  • Patrolling the room
  • Assisting attendees with questions and concerns

If you are available THURSDAY and/or SUNDAY, that is a big plus!

Not required, but definitely a bonus if you have experience running tournament brackets, knowledge of arcade machines, and general organizational skills.

Panels Staff

Your duties will include:

  • Checking in panelists as they show up both to the convention itself and to their individual panels
  • Making sure panels start and end on time
  • Informing our tech department of any technical issues a panelist is experiencing
  • Monitoring panels
  • Checking wristbands for 18+ panels

What do you get out of this?

  • All standard staff benefits across departments
  • The opportunity to attend panels/workshops while on shift
  • Opportunities for advancement
  • Work with a leader who thinks they’re funny but probably isn’t
  • Ability to use the programming office as a home base, which may or may not have a cat to pet

Public Safety: Customer Service

The public safety department is a customer facing service department for AnimeUSA.

As a customer service member duties could include:

  • Assisting attendees with questions and concerns.
  • Access control to spaces and events
  • Crowd and line management.
  • Politely reminding attendees and staff of event rules and safety concerns.

The ideal candidate should be able to maintain a polite but authoritative demeanor, have an infinite amount of patience and willingness to help others, can think on their feet and adapt to ever changing conditions.

If you think you would be a good fit for Public Safety, please apply.

Radio Ops Staff (General)

AUSA Radio Operations is looking for a couple of additional staff members to aid with communications throughout the convention. The staff member will be paired up with an additional Radio Ops staff member to perform the following duties (Duties will vary upon needs):

  1. Aid with set up of Radio Ops set up on Thursday night of the convention.
  2. Staff during selected shift.
  3. Monitor radio traffic to ensure messages are received throughout the convention as needed.
  4. Act as a relay caller if there are issues with area coverage of the radios.
  5. With guidance, during an emergency, communicate throughout all areas of the emergency with special codes (provided at pre-con meeting).
  6. Log/pass out radios, headphones, and safety vests as needed.
  7. Log in radios, headphones, and safety vests as needed.
  8. Log/pass out additional batteries and supplies for radio operations
  9. Act as back-up help for the AUSA Con Security on the radios during an emergency
  10. Teach general staff how to operate radios and enforce Radio Ops rules
  11. Aid with pack up of Radio Ops Sunday afternoon of the convention

Requirements –

  1. Must be able to complete full shifts as assigned
  2. Must be able to work with a team, and as needed, multitask
  3. Must NOT be afraid of birds… 🙂 She is our team mascot.