Come see THE SOUND BEE HD for their east coast return at Anime USA, presented by Chaotic Harmony! Anime USA will be held in Washington, DC, Oct. 19 – 21, 2018. This will be THE SOUND BEE HD’s first time performing in the US with guitarist Yuu! (Click for more)

DJ Mighty Mike Saga
At the age of 11, DJ Mighty Mike Saga heard ‘Rigor Mortis’ by A Split Second. Little did he know that a song he heard on a local college radio station would change his perspective on music forever. Electronic music became a driving force in his life… (Click for more)

DJ Speed Demon
With over 20 years of rocking crowds from coast to coast and overseas, Speed Demon is no stranger to Anime USA. He has performed multiple times over the past and he’s back to set the dance floor ablaze with irresistible grooves to keep your cardio energy going strong.

Jay Nak, DJ Extraordinaire
Jay has been entertaining for 15 years playing tunes and making dancers happy at the convention scene. His first foray into performance started the longtime event “Cosplay Dance Off”, which has been running strong at AnimeUSA, Katsucon, Magfest, Escape Velocity, AMA, NYAF, and other conventions… (Click for more)