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Part fanfic, part roleplay, and part tabletop game, LARP is as much a game to be played as it is a performace to be had, where every attendee and every player chooses their favorite character and plays as them so long as you’re in our room. Show off your writing chops and your deep knowledge of fandom lore, by interacting with other characters from vast and diverse settings, and dealing with the tense and complex plots our GMs have written.

Now more than ever, your skills are needed! Our LARP officially has continuity between each passing year, allowing for five-year plot cycles. Bring back your old characters, now deeply ingrained into the plot and known by the people of the setting, or start a fresh new challenge by requesting someone new.

There is no limit to who you can play. Pick your favorite character from anime, T.V. shows, western cartoons, comic books, video games, audio dramas, or film. Even repeats are allowed, as long as they come from different iterations of the same canon. As the plot develops, take your characters down pathways they would’ve never been able to access in their own setting. Walk-in character requests are welcome any time Friday or Saturday, but your choice of character will be limited by 4:00 PM Saturday. Only pre-registration will guarantee you can play your character!

This Year, at Anime USA LARP..

… First, they jeopardized their planet by tampering with things outside their control.
A board game magically warped their world, turned everyone into children.
Aliens invaded, treacherous tin cans from beyond time, seeking to escape our empire’s grasp.
And one child relived a thousand iterations of that war, until humanity was victorious.

… Then, they hid, in their cold machines, amidst mad scientists, in a virtual world.
They built their heroes from magic and science, copying great warriors across the multiverse
They fought a civil war, excising madmen too ambitious to control
And while they slept within their little game, we watched ancient energies revitalize the planet

… And now that their planet is valuable again, homeworld has sent its vast navies to harvest this pathetic little blue planet. Our Diamonds demand we fight. Our Diamonds demand success!

We won’t be stopped. After all…

No Daleks,

No Irkens,

No Titans,

… Only Gems.