Anime USA’s Idol Showcase is back, and better than ever!

You can’t look anywhere in Japan without seeing the impact that Idol shows have had on the anime world. Love Live, AKB0048 & Idolm@ster are only 3 examples of the popular idol series available today. The anime fandom has responded to this huge popularity by creating its own groups who enjoy performing popular numbers from these shows, or even creating their own routines to songs they particularly enjoy

Due to the success of this event in 2017, and the number of e-mails we received asking about participation, Anime USA has decided to open up the doors to all of the hard working idol groups out there. Any idol group of up to 9 members is welcome to apply for the event, and we’ll make our decision on the participating groups in August. We can’t wait to bring your boundless energy back to our stage!

If you’d like to sign up for our event, please click this link!