Idol Showcase

<9 Hearts Beating as One!> We hope your heart will beat with ours! 9bpm is a μ’s cover group located on the East Coast with the majority of our members residing in the DMV and PA area. Our mission statement is to spread the love of idol cultures while also providing high quality dance covers and PVs for the beloved idol group μ’s. We were founded in September 2017 and we hope you will continue to support us on our journey!



A Love Live group with a name punning off the word “idolize”: a term used in Love Live School Idol Festival that describes an average girl being transformed into an idol. IdoLive!! (or Idol Live) aspires to embrace that idea of transforming into an idol that can bring joy to others through passionate performances. Currently standing at two members, we hope to become a fusion group of members from µ’s, Aqours, and Perfect Dream Project to showcase Love Live performances in a way you have never seen. In the meantime, IdoLive!! hopes for your support as we take the stage for the first time in the journey towards our dreams! 



Hamako idols is a DMV dance group enjoying the beautiful moments while they last they cover a wide spectrum of idols including J-pop, K-pop and Anime idols like Love love! and Idolm@aster! and will soon be creating their own songs.



Mikazuke Muse
We are an idol group based in the DMV and established in 2018, We’re so excited for our debut at Anime USA 2018! This group was formed from friendships old and new and is the result of one mutual goal: Be the best idols we can be and put a smile on every face in the audience! So we hope you join us in our adventure, and let your voice be heard as we overcome all obstacles because We are Mikazuki Muse!



μnite (Myuu-knight) is a Love Live Dance Cover Group, You may have seen perform at Anime USA or other local conventions halls! We strive to have our lives performance be as authentic to the Love Live concerts experience as possible, and bring a concert-like experience to all of our performances. μnite’s goals are to spread the awareness of love & appreciation for idol culture, and the Love Live series throughout the northeastern U.S. through live performance, panels, and other active means.



CandyMuse is a Aqours/Muse Group based in Hampton Roads. We aim to be able to make everyone smile with every performance we set up and participate in! Our main purpose is to show that anyone can be an idol with enough hard work and dedication!



Full Spectrum Kai
Full Spectrum Kai (FSK) is a Jpop/Kpop odotemitta dance group on YouTube and NND. We host dance gatherings at East Coast Anime conventions for everyone to dance together!



Puka Puka Aqours
Puka Puka is a nine member Aqours group primarily centered around the DMV area. The group first came together at Katsucon 2017 but didn’t debut as a group until Otakon 2017. They can be found on Instagram @pukapuka.aqours and on Facebook @pukapukalive. They usually perform at Otakon, Katsucon, and Anime USA. This past July the group was able to travel to Los Angeles to not only see Aqours in person but to perform as a full group of nine for the first time. Last year they were able to participate in the first Idol Showcase at Anime USA and are all excited to be a part of the event again this year!



Dansu Pantsu
DansuToPantsu 「ダンスとパンツ」is a dance group on the East coast of the USA! We are a group of friends who love anime, manga, video games, and of course dancing! We host dance gatherings at anime conventions and post dance covers (jpop, kpop, para para and more!) !



Danzoo→Dash is an Atlanta-local animal-themed idol cover group with a love of odottemita and idols. Our goal is to inspire a new generation of dancers, idol fans, and Japanese culture enthusiasts while having fun with our own passions!