Executive staff: chair@animeusa.org
For inquiries related to the overall operations of the Anime USA Convention

Board of Directors: Boardofdirectors@animeusa.org
For business-related inquiries related to the 501(c)3 organization

Programming: programming@animeusa.org
For inquiries related to panels, gameshows, LARP and other scheduled events

Guest Relations: gr@animeusa.org
For inquiries related to guest appearances and requests

Registration: registration@animeusa.org
For inquiries related to membership, such as badges, operating hours and
ID Checks

Education, Theme & Culture: education@animeusa.org
For inquiries related to the educational aspects of Anime USA, such as
our theme track, culture track, etc.

Cosplay: cosplay@animeusa.org
For inquiries related to the cosplay department, which includes
Masquerade, Hall Cosplay & Idol Showcase.

Convention Safety: publicsafety@animeusa.org
For inquiries related to weapon policies, dress code, behavior policies
and special needs.

Club & Cafe: maids.hosts@animeusa.org
For inquiries related to our Maid Cafe & Host Club

Press: press@animeusa.org
For inquiries related to media requests for interviews and
organizational information.

Marketing: emarket@animeusa.org
For inquiries related to newsletters, social media, website and merchandise

External relations: relations@animeusa.org
For inquiries coming from anime clubs, businesses, educational
institutions or other organizations.

Dealer Room/Artist Alley: exhibits@animeusa.org

Electronic Gaming: video.gaming@animeusa.org
For inquiries related to our indy game row, console video game area,
arcade and tournaments.

Traditional Gaming: games@animeusa.org
For inquiries related to our tabletop board game, RPG and non-electronic
interactive gaming tracks

Staff Support: recruitment@animeusa.org
For inquiries related to staffing or volunteering at Anime USA

Operations: ops@animeusa.org
For general inquiries, questions related to items not listed above, or
to get contact information for a specific individual or department
within Anime USA.