We’ve all seen and done some crazy stuff around anime conventions, so Anime USA decided to make a game of it! Come to the Info Desk any time on Friday and sign up for our Scavenger Hunt, where teams of up to 4 people can go around the convention and try to get pictures of the 50 items on our list. Pictures are scored by difficulty (with bonus points for truly creative shots), and the team with the highest score of the weekend will get free passes to Anime USA 2018! Signup spots are limited, so make sure to stop by and get your list as soon as you can!


  1. All photos must be taken at the con by the group participants during the contest period.
  2. You must ask someone’s permission to take their photo. Photos taken from a distance, or if a person looks unaware, will NOT count.
  3. Unless cosplay is specifically required, character specific items can be fulfilled with other physical items at the con (Such as a Sailor Moon wand or the Death Note).
  4. It must be a picture of the physical item/character/etc. Images of the item found in Art prints, magazine pages, screenshots off tvs, phones, game systems, or manga pages don’t count unless specified on the list.
  5. Each line item may only be used ONCE.  Check them off as you do them so you don’t forget!
  6. Some items say BP for “Bonus points”.  You get the specified extra points if you fulfill the bonus challenge for that photo.
  7. At the time of judging, some extra points may be awarded to especially epic photos, so have fun making things extra special!
  8. Even though you can only submit each item once, you can use the same people for different lines. So if you need to find Voltron cosplayers for one item, and an Espeon for another, and people from your group will be cosplaying both during the weekend, then they both count!
  9. Do not deface other people’s property, all these items can be done safely and legally at and around the con hotel.
  10. HAVE FUN, be polite, and be creative!
  11. Feel free to share your photos later on social media!!  #AUSAScavengerHunt2017