Anime USA announces the 2019 Rave Dance DJs!

Published by Anime USA Webmaster on

We are happy to announce DJ Subie!

Producer, DJ, and all around electronic music enthusiast, DJ Subie started his journey in Richmond VA in 2009. With his love for EDM of all kinds, and the inspiration he gets from it. He’s spent the last 10 years producing his own EDM and DJing at venues in Richmond and several EDM festivals, and he always aims to misbehave behind the decks!

Along with Scott, our own resident DJ Kangal will be in ha house!

DJ Kangal aka Mike Kangal has been a staple of East Coast dancefloors for over 22 years. A veteran mover and shaker of the Washington DC Retro and Alternative EDM scenes, you would be hard pressed to find a dancefloor anywhere in the district he hasn’t made shake or get through a weekend where he can’t be found somewhere in DC making people dance. He got his start at fan conventions including Fantek, Balticon, Worldcon, Regeneration Who and Potterverse, and has held residencies at such infamous DC dance parties as Alchemy @ Nation and Resurrection @ The Roxy. Currently he can be experienced monthly at Dark & Stormy at DC9, or on his weekly podcast.

Last but not Least! Returning DJ Jay Nak!

Jay has been entertaining for 16 years playing tunes and making dancers happy at the convention scene. His first foray into performance started the longtime event “Cosplay Dance Off”, which has been running strong at AnimeUSA, Katsucon, Magfest, Escape Velocity, AMA, NYAF, and other conventions.

Jay has previously performed as a DJ at the AnimeUSA 2018 rave, Katsucon rave, Katsucon lounge, and Escape Velocity Space and Dance party.

When Jay isn’t playing tunes, he likes to build fantastic creations! He currently is professionally tied to his wife, Barb, as co-collaborators for commissioned costume and replica makers with MabieKnot Cosplay and Designs.