Anime USA interviews Voice Actress Faye Mata!

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Can you guess Faye Mata’s favorite anime? Did you know she will -probably- beat you at Smash Bros Ultimate? Find out all about Faye in our interview below!

1. Tell us a little about yourself. What’s a fun fact people might be surprised to know about you?

People might know that I am in love with ice blue colors because I make that very obvious, but what people might not know is that every time I book a character with blue hair I do a ridiculous spaz-dance. Maybe that’s not so surprising, actually…

2. What was your first anime? What is your current favorite?

Sailor Moon was my first anime. It blows my mind to be a part of it now as the first voice of Sailor Aluminum Siren (an ice blue character!) in English since it was never dubbed until now!

My current favorite anime is Konosuba. I’m definitely biased, but it’s so special to me. I always want to voice comedy with very expressive characters, it always makes me happy to voice characters with a light blue aesthetic, and I’ve always been a big fan of the anime goddess trope. I feel so honored to voice Aqua and accomplish all this at once, on top of the fact that Konosuba’s characters are unexpectedly unique and refreshingly charming. Highly recommend it. It’s like “It’s Always Sunny in Philidelphia” meets “Dungeons & Dragons.”

3. What is your favorite voice that you’ve done? What made it so special?

I have a few favorites, but Aqua from Konosuba takes the cake. The role is special to me in many ways, but voice-wise, she is such a fun and dynamic character to play. It’s a wonderful canvas for an actor. She’s passionate- laughs, cries, rages, quietly whimpers, sings, and even puts on other voices pretending to be different people! She’s the inner, unfiltered ‘me’. The role is so funny and she’s simultaneously adorable and annoying. Aqua is also a goddess, an anime trope I’ve always loved, but she’s not graceful and perfect. She is clumsy, she drinks, pukes rainbows, and makes a lot of mistakes while trying her best, so she’s humanized. She’s lovable because she’s relatable. Another favorite voice is Lulu from League of Legends because I played that game obsessively before I auditioned and got cast!

4. What is your favorite memory from meeting fans?

My most favorite memories are when people have told me that my performance (whether voice acting or some form of competition) inspired them in some way; like laughing through a hard time because of it, or trying their hand at something because they saw me do it, too. I think representation is a big deal. Sometimes people just don’t even know something is possible until they’ve seen someone else do it. Hearing about positive impact are my favorite memories, because it means my work has done some good in the world and I’m always happy when I feel like I did a good (yes, a good).

Another favorite memory was being surprised by a line of Japanese fans when I flew to EVO Japan just to compete in fighting games. I was shocked that they even knew who I was (they were just big Rin Hoshizora fans)!

5. If you could choose any anime universe to live in, which would it be?

The Pokemon one! Really, I just want an Alolan Vuplix or Alolan Ninetales with me all the time.

6. If you wanted to put together an All-Star team, who would your top 5 heroes be? What about villains?

If I was serious about putting together an All-Star team, I would do thorough research on the internet and make an entire spreadsheet of stack ranked heroes by their stats and abilities. No matter what category it was, I would min-max it. Strength? Check. Most adorable? Got that. Most blue? I would definitely have that, too. Okay, just to get you a tangible answer I’ll say Saitama, Goku, Josuke, Astolfo, and Mob. For villains, uhh… Sailor Moon Villains ’cause they’re purdy. And Yukako from JoJo’s because she’s hilarious. But seriously, I would do a lot of research and find the best teams for anything. DON’T DO THIS TO ME. I MIN-MAX EVERYTHING. I have analytical internal monologues just like my character Yumemi from Kakegurui.

7. What are you looking forward to most at AUSA?

I wanna see who beats me in Smash Bros Ultimate. COME AT ME. 🙂 I have prizes.

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