Anime USA Interviews Voice Actress Cherami Leigh!

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We have been so excited about AUSA we couldn’t wait to interview some of our guests. We “sat down” with Cherami and asked some fun questions that we were curious about, check out their answers below! We can’t wait to see Cherami in November! Hope you are just as excited!

1. Tell us a little about yourself. What’s a fun fact people might be surprised to know about you?

I have always been very shy and introverted, but my Mom didn’t want my fear of talking to people debilitate me so when I was 3 years old she convinced me to do a solo dance competition. From that point on, I think the idea of wearing a costume or playing a character has been a way to creatively express myself where I don’t feel so self-conscious.

2. What was your first anime? What is your current favorite?

The first anime I can remember watching was Sailor Moon, but  I remember playing the Pokemon card game with my little brother on the weekend so we could hang out- he was always better than me. My current favorite anime changes depending on the day- as it is definitely influenced by what I work on. But I have been a fan of Cells at Work for a while. I love how it combines educational content with a lot of humor.

3. What is your favorite voice that you’ve done? What made it so special?

Picking a favorite voice or a character is so hard because they have all been so influential to me and my growth as an actor and a person. Its almost as if they came into my life when I needed them most. So in order to be diplomatic, and not hurt any of these fictional characters’ feelings- I am going to say that one of the favorite projects I have worked on is being a part of Radio Disney for over 20 years. I started out voicing promos with them as a kid, and then when I was 19 I started working as an on air talent with my own show from 8-midnight on the weekends, and then I became a writer for their 3 stations in my 20s. It has been so much fun to grow up on this radio station and get to learn different facets of radio with my Radio Disney family.

4. What is your favorite memory from meeting fans?

There have been so many incredible experiences and connections with fans over the years. And many of them have brought me to tears. It is so amazing to see how another person that you’ve never met has completely connected with a role that you’ve played or a show that you’ve worked on. And these characters have gotten me through some hard times so to get to share experiences and see fans grow up and share the show with their friends or siblings or children and getting to see the response of the next generation- it’s pretty surreal. And it never ceases to bring me indescribable joy.

5. If you could choose any anime universe to live in, which would it be?

One with magic, lots of cute animals, bright colors, humor, a lot of research montages (I LOVE learning and research) and definitely some time travel and paranormal

6. If you wanted to put together an All-Star team, who would your top 5 heroes be? What about villains?

I love Iron Man, Doctor Strange, Wonder Woman, Squirrel Girl, the Pink Power Ranger and Dumbledore (I couldn’t only pick 5)…. Now as far as Villains- I’d have to go with The Joker, Thanos, Ursula, Voldemort and Regina George

7. What are you looking forward to most at AUSA?

I’m so excited to get to return to A USA this year! This was one of the first conventions I ever went to and I love getting to travel to DC and check out museums and celebrate our love for anime in our nation’s capital!