A Very Special Thank You

Thank you everyone that was able to attend Anime USA this year. We want to say a special thank you to Alexa Polito. Know that awesome art you saw on your badges this year? That was all Alexa and we couldn’t have been happier to have her with our art help this year.  We also would like to thank Diane Worden who also contributed art for our flyers, tshirts, shot glasses, and pins. She was not able to attend this year since she and her family had to move overseas, but we want to express our thanks and wish safe travels to her and her family.

We also thank our artists, dealers, and guests who were able to attend the convention this weekend. We have enjoyed seeing your wares and your talent, making awesome things in your workshops, hearing your stories, and having great conversations.

And of course, we want to thank our members for coming out this weekend, even in the cold and the snow. AnimeUSA wouldn’t exist without you. It’s been a pleasure seeing you all and we hope you enjoyed your time with us this weekend.

Safe travels to all and happy holidays!