Anime USA 2017 AMV Contests Finalists!

Ladies and Gentlemen! Editors all! I am here to announce the finalists for the Anime USA Nightmare, Naughty and Nice Contests!

This was a close call! Many new editors! Many of those new editors put out some quality work that rivaled you older editors!!! Well Done to all finalists!!! These are in no particular order either!

The Nice Contest


Halharl Aihtikaka By MrShmucker
Fight Back by Sean.PNG
Data Overload by Trenzilla
Revolution by Phlashbak
By My Sisters AMV-X


#TalkSkatingToMe by Gina Nelson
Make It Up by kyci
WWJD by Studio Hawk
Our[Shipping]Hearts by Ivordes Greenleaf
Pete’s Dragon Maid Toon Addict Productions


32 Degree Symphony by Rider4Z
Litost by KeiichiFace
Full Metal Hamilton – An American Musical by Miracle Falcon
Deep End by MinetChan
Audacity by Pwcagal272


Modern Marvels by Rider4Z
Fight for Change by Maboroshi Studio
Castaway on the Moon by Pysh
SuperBat Z by Drewaconclusion
This Love That Won’t Reach by Khami


Hearts On Ice by MinetChan
Feudal Fairy Tale by Sean.PNG
Falling Stars by AngelMaeVictory
A Reason to Change by Azukano
D’awwww Wagon by Drewaconclusion


Assachusetts: A Wicked Good AMV by Shorisquared
Sailor Mars by MinetChan
Titans Resurgence by ProjectTwinsAMV
Your Name is a Boy Girl Thing by Yoshidori
Goku: Ragnarok by Unlucky Artist


Anime MasterChef by AntaresHeart07
No Limits by Unlucky Artist
Toy Pokemon by Sean.PNG
The Show Will Go On by Mysunsai
Twintails and Music Clubs by KYCI

The Nightmare and Naughty Contest


Suk a Big Dik by Shorisquared
Thot Provoking Triple Bagel Backspins by UnluckyArtist
Never Back Down by Mysunsai
Thirsty by MadMegatax
Shout! By Yoshidori


Maiming Something Beautiful by Drewaconclusion
Playing Dead by Shorisquared
Blood Hunters by Zexy & strohhut Tv
Wings of Shadow Edge of Darkness in My Heart by MrShmucker
Dungeon of Horror 8.778 BlackSunCult

Congratulations to all the fianlists this year! I am once again awed by the amount of new editors joing us as well as the overall amount of videos we had! You all made it hard on us to judge because you did such a DURN good and made AWESOME AMVs this YEAR!


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