Anime USA 2017 Convention Hours

Who’s excited? I know I am! To add to the excitement, here’s a list of our hours for this year’s convention. We’re about 1 week away from our 2017 convention and we can’t wait to see you there.

Thu: 7PM-11PM
Fri: 9AM-10PM
Sat: 9AM-10PM
Sun: 9AM-2PM
Dealer Room
Fri: 1PM-8PM
Sat: 10AM-7PM
Sun: 10AM-3PM
Video Game Room
Fri: 10AM-3AM
Sat: 10AM-3AM
Sun: 10AM-3PM
Maid Café
Fri 12PM-5:30PM
Sat 12PM-5:30PM
Info Desk
Thu: 5PM-11PM
Fri: 9AM-10PM
Sat: 9AM-10PM
Sun: 9AM-4PM
Artist Alley
Fri: 12PM-9PM
Sat: 10AM-9PM
Sun: 10AM-3PM
Table Top
Fri: 11AM-1AM
Sat: 11AM-1AM
Sun: 11AM-3:30PM
Host Club
Fri: 7PM-12AM
Sat: 7PM-12AM
Con Safety & Medical
24 Hrs starting on
Thu 7PM - Sun 4PM
LARP (Park 8223)
LARP (Park 8223)