Anime USA Welcomes Back Man At Arms!


Matt StagmerMatt Stagmer – Host – Bladesmith
Matt Stagmer has been making swords for 19 years and is the lead blade grinder at Baltimore Knife and Sword. In the summer of 2014 he began hosting the hit web series MAN AT ARMS: REFORGED. Teamed with other talented craftsmen, he brings to life the most requested fantasy arms and armor from your favorite video games, anime, and other pop culture genres. In 2017 he became the host of the TV show MAN AT ARMS : The Art of War, starring alongside Danny Trejo, to make history’s most devastating weapons.

Ilya AlekseyevIlya Alekseyev
Ilya Alekseyev was born in Troitsk, Russia. Since an early age, he developed a liking for the art and craftsmanship of bladed weapons. He brings his background in Art History, Asian Studies, and Philosophy to his craft. Ilya is currently an Armourer and product designer working with Baltimore Knife and Sword. Among the skills that he brings to the Man at Arms project are his expertise in armor, Damascus steel, bloomery steel, and engraving.

Bill CollisonBill Collison
Bill Collison has been working with Baltimore Knife and sword for the past 20 years grinding blades. His craftsman background started in armor making and progressed into casting, mold making and heat treating. His knowledge with sheet metal work has made it easy to transition into prop armor and costuming. He has been working with the Freelancers as their jousting armorer for 17 years and has a background in Martial Arts and the SCA. Bill is a contributing smith on both the MAN AT ARMS television and Youtube series.