Introducing MoePass+ : The Reservation System for the My Cup of Tea Maid Café

Over the past few years, we’ve noticed that the lines for the ultra-popular My Cup of Tea Maid Café have been getting progressively longer. And why shouldn’t they? Our hard-working maids go above and beyond to give their Masters and Princesses the best experience they can! We hate to turn away anyone looking to enjoy our Maid Café, and this year, we’ve come up with a way for you to guarantee a seat, skip the lines and get some really neat perks in the process: Introducing MoePass+!

MoePass+ works like a flexible reservation system. At both the Maid Café Meet & Greet on Thursday evening, or at the café itself starting Friday morning, you can purchase a MoePass+ and select a time period you’d like to come back and be seated at the Café. The passes cost $5.00 for just about any party size, and come with the following benefits:

– The pass is good for a full hour, so if you choose a 1:00PM time slot, you can arrive any time up until 1:59PM, go right to the MoePass+ line, and you’ll be seated next! This way, if there’s a panel you want to finish up, or if you’re stuck in an autograph line, you don’t have to worry about losing your spot.

– Once you’re seated, and you turn your pass over to your maid, you’ll get one free picture and game (a $8.00 value).

There are only 4 MoePass+ spots available for every 30 minute window, so if you’re really eager to get a good spot at the café this year, make sure to show up to the Maid Café Meet & Greet on Thursday night!

If you can’t make it on Thursday, just head to the Café at any time, and a hostess will gladly take care of your reservation.