Introducing Tokyo Attack at Anime USA!

Initial D ARCADE STAGE 8 InfinityTokyo Attack brings the Japanese arcade experience to you! Some of our featured games are Initial D Arcade Stage 7 AAX, Jubeat, Sound Voltex, Pop’n Music, Silent Scope Bone Eater, Cho Chabudai Gaeshi!, Super Table Flip, Taiko no Tatsujin, Future TomTom, Dance Dance Revolution, Dance Evolution, Groove Coaster, Pump it Up Prime 2, Museca, Beatstream, Beatmania IIDX, Project DIVA Future Tone and more!



Tokyo Attack also features Purikura. Short for Purinto Kurabu (Print Club), Purikura are Japanese photo booths that have taken Japan by storm. They make the players eyes bigger, skin smoother, and give an overall kawaii feel to the pictures. Each session consists of a series of photos taken in the photo area, and then the players edit them, adding stickers, effects, and writing to them in the editing booth. At the end, players get 2 strips of their pictures, and are able to download digital copies of the pictures using the Puripix app.

Purikura Booth 08Purikura Booth 07Purikura Booth 01

If that isn’t enough, Tokyo Attack brings the Japanese claw game, UFO Catchers, to Anime USA. Unlike American claw games, which rely on payout settings and target earnings to be hit, UFO Catchers are purely a game of skill. Instead of lifting your prize, the claw is used to push or pull the prize, usually by a ring, to the target area. Our setups rely on pushing the plush ring from the front, then the back, and so forth, until the ring has fallen off its post. Come play the difference!UFO Catchers 01