We are proud to present for Anime USA 2017…DISORGANIZATION XIII!

Disorganization XIII is a group of panelists that does all the things you were told couldn’t be done at an anime con. They kill with their 18+ anime comedy bit, ‘Spoiler: The Panel’. They hold discussions on controversial topics like marginalized communities in fandom and ethics in journal games-ism. They run workshops with power tools and tell fanfiction writers to suck less while their characters suck more! They even take over other abandoned panels last second!

After a long period of dormancy, they have risen from their graves, Dracula-like, to resume their reign of tyranny and critical thinking within the con scene. With a slate of veterans and new bloodbags–whoops, new blood, just blood, no bags–the risen Disorganization XIII is here to give fans a voice, and give voices a fan. (If you talk into it, you sound like Darth Vader! Try it!)

Made by fans, for fans, Disorganization XIII will make you laugh and think at the same time. Who says a scholarly look at fandom can’t be combined with a dirty joke or two? Not us!