Cultural Panels

Doll Display Introduction
Brief discussion highlighting this year’s themed doll display of oshie and New Year’s dolls!

Tea Ceremony
Chado Urasenke Tankokai Washington, DC presents a traditional Japanese tea ceremony with commentary and explanations, as well as lots of changes to ask questions. Experiance the unique cultural heritage of the tea ceremony that the Urasenke school has been teaching for hundreds of years.

Kimono Dressing Demonstration with Kuniko Kanawa
Join Rev. Kuniko Kanawa of Atelier Kanawa and her assistants as they demonstrate the art of wearing kimonos.

Japanese Table Manners
We love Japanese food in the U.S., but most of us don’t know the dos and don’ts of Japanese table manners. Let’s learn proper Japanese etiquette.

Things to Know Before Visiting Japan
There are many things people should know before they visit Japan. For example: Japanese people don’t normally use a napkin when they eat, and many restaurants don’t provide them; Japanese electric outlets only fit power cords with two prongs; Train stations only take cash and won’t accept credit cards; etc.

Shinto Lecture with Kuniko Kanawa
Rev. Kuniko Kanawa will discuss the basics of the Shinto religion. She will demonstrate a Kagura Shinto dance, and discuss the history, practices, beliefs and cultural aspects of this uniquely Japanese belief system.

Intro to Japanese Cuisine with Robert Aldrich
There’s more to Japanese cuisine than bento boxes and ramen. Join this light-hearted and general-purpose overview of the customs and nuances of Japanese food. Beyond teriyaki and sushi, this panel will discuss the different types of noodles, why Japanese spell whisky without the ‘e’, and why Okonomiyaki isn’t so much food as a dare.

Myths of Japanese Martial Arts with Robert Aldrich
The martial arts of Japan Karate, Jujitsu, Kendo, etc are some of the most famous and well-known in the world. Yet how much do you really know about them? Come join this fast-paced exploration of Japan’s major martial arts, see their origins and discuss a basic overview of their differences.

How the Meiji Era Created the Modern World with Robert Aldrich
Japan has influenced the world in ways subtle and sweeping, and it all traces back to the Meiji Era, when the tiny island nation went from feudal backwater to world superpower in the span of a couple of decades. Join this exploration of all the ways Japan has directly and indirectly created the modern world.

Martial Arts with Robert Aldrich
Ever wanted to try out martial arts but not sure where to begin, not sure what it’s really like, or just never had the chance? Now you do. Come for a quick introductory class in Kajukembo, which include basic stances, striking, and calisthenics. No special clothing, footwear, or experience required. Novices welcome and encouraged.

Non-Anime Panels

Wolf Hunt – A Live Text Adventure
A dragon age inquisition inspired text adventure game played by the hole audience! You are the inquisitor and your hunting for the wolf, try to win as anything and everything can happened!

Historically Accurate Fantasy
Marc Alan Edelheit will help you bring ancient battlefields to life in a Fantasy setting. How do you make fantasy historically accurate? Come meet best-selling author Marc Alan Edelheit. Learn how to bring ancient battlefields and mindsets to life in a Fantasy setting.

What the Meme?
We all love Memes, who doesn’t? Let’s get together and talk about it! What is a meme, what’s the history? We’ll also go over some classic and popular new memes!

Publishing Unlimited: Traditional vs. Indie
When it comes to publishing, is it better to go indie or seek out a traditional publisher? Join professional writers and story editors as they discuss the many paths they’ve taken to get their work published and produced.

Military Sci-Fi Tech
What will military technology of the future be? A discussion on the cutting-edge technology we possess today and how that will bridge into the military technology of tomorrow. How will the next major conflict be fought? Who will fight it? Human or Machine?

“Press X To Be a Better Person” – Morality in Video Games
This panel is for Paragons, Renegades, Pacifists, those without Mercy, and everyone in between. Because life choices are sometimes easier to make with a restart option.

Podcasting in Anime
One of the world’s fastest growing media outlets is podcasting. Yet many people who want to get involved in it don’t know where to start. This panel will explore where to start, what technology you need, hosting advice, and hosting advice. Also we will explore do’s and don’t’s and tips and tricks that will make your podcast a success.

Let’s Play Dungeons & Dragons!
Ever wanted to play D&D? Watch it play live on stage! Join veteran DM Brent P. Newhall (ONVPodcast on YouTube) for a 2-hour D&D session that will show you the basics of a D&D character in the game’s latest edition. You’ll even go home with a free character sheet!

Educational Panels

A Brief History of Anime
Where did anime come from? What caused today’s popular genres and trends? Join Brent P. Newhall (ONVPodcast on YouTube) as he steps through a hundred years of Japanese animation, identifying the important works that’s shaped anime.

Filling in the Black and White (Finding People of Color in Anime/Manga)
Sometimes it can be hard to find characters that represent you. Well, we’ve done the hard work for you. Want to see characters that are positive representation people of color? This Panel highlights examples as we discuss positive representation.

How to Set Up a Vendor’s Table
Are you a newly published creator or maybe you’re ready to sell your crafts in Artist’s Alley. This panel is an informative demo on how to set up your own table for success. Learn how to attract customers, get repeat customers, and properly display your wares to get higher sales.

The True History of Hershel Layton’s Favorite Pastime
You’ve played the games and solved the puzzles in every Professor Layton game, but did you know that many of those distinctive types of head-scratchers you always love (or loathe) to run into actually have origins outside of the games? Come discover a brief history of puzzles and discuss how these charming games have made them iconic.

The Life & Works of Satoshi Kon
Satoshi Kon was a unique talent that was tragically lost much too early. Join us as we reflect back on his life, his directorial works (Perfect Blue, Millennium Actress, Tokyo Godfathers, Paranoia Agent, Paprika), and the impact that he had on the anime industry and its fandom.

A Day in Akihabara
For any anime fan planning a trip to Japan, Akihabara is a must see destination. This panel will help you plan the perfect day from where to shop, cheap places to eat, the best arcades, and hidden gems.

The Hard Nosed Business of Anime
Why does an anime studio decide to make a series? Who decides? Brent P. Newhall (ONVPodcast on YouTube) takes you through the business and the animation processes that bring your favorite anime to life. Includes hard numbers on costs and popularity.

The Loveliest Lies of All: Allusion and Allegory in Over the Garden Wall
Over the Garden Wall became nearly universally adored due to its masterful blend of drama, humor, art direction, music, and more. However, a closer look uncovers a wealth of references ranging from Dante’s Inferno to Miyazaki. We’ll explore these allusions and see how they helped shape the series we love.

Japan Exclusive No More: A Guide to Online Proxy Shopping
Hunting for that one obscure plushie and none of the dealers have it? Trying to pre-order a figurine only to learn that they only ship within Japan? And what is Taobao? Come learn about how fans buy their anime and game merchandise and other items through proxy shopping!

The Life & Works of Hideaki Anno
Evangelion has been wildly successful and popular worldwide. But despite its popularity, its principal creator, Hideaki Anno, remains shrouded in mystery for many people. This panel by will take a look at his life and works, and provide biographical information about the man who created Evangelion.

Steampunk Culture
Join Anime USA’s Favorite steampunks for their fifth edition of their civilized discussion about steampunk fashion and culture. Learn the difference between gaiters and spats, discuss the trials and tribulations of sewing with stripes, and find out how to repurpose your grandmother’s old mink collars. Explore how the genre has evolved and the changing styles within the community. We’ll also take a crack at if steampunk is a lifestyle or a fandom, and how you too can become the sort of person who has elegant Edwardian dinner parties, no matter which it actually is.

My Kid Likes Anime! What Should I Know? A Guide for Parents
Japanese animation isn’t like Western shows. What should you be watching out for? How will you know what’s appropriate for your kid? Brent P. Newhall (ONVPodcast on YouTube) will cover cultural and content differences between anime and Western animation, and will recommend a variety of anime series that can integrate with your kid’s school work.

How To Write the Perfect Fanfiction
Science? In my fanfiction? In this fun and humorous panel about the history and practice of writing fanfiction, a data scientist and fanfiction author explains how fanfiction has changed as trends have emerged and disappeared, and how ultimately the perfect fanfiction is the one you write because you wanted to. (May contain risque humor)

History of Heavy Metal in Japan
From Flower Travellin Band in the early 70s to the recent international phenomena of Babymetal, Japan has proven to be one of the most Metal countries in the world. We’ll explore the roots and major influences of Japanese Metal from the beginning to today.

Dreamworks is Better than Disney
Do you like Princesses, jolly songs, and happy ever afters? This Panel is NOT for you! This an appreciation of the diversity, hidden jokes, detailed animation, great music, and surprise endings that made me fall in love with Dreamworks.

Blerd is the Word
A walk through Blerd history, culture and a view of diversity and inclusion from the little con that could: Blerdcon!

Diversity in Anime/Manga
Sometimes it can be hard to find characters that represent you. Well, we’ve done the hard work for you. Want to see characters that are people of color, strong women, body positive, LGBTQ, handi-capable, or guided by faith? This Panel highlights a few examples for each category and we discuss positive representation.

Christmas Theme Panels

Christmas in Japan
Ever wonder how the Colonel became the face of Christmas in modern Japan? Find out here! This panel will focus on the history behind modern holiday happenings in Japan.

Dance of the Christmas Demons with Sarah Hodge-Wetherbe
The strange traditions of the holiday season. Everyone knows Rudolph and his shiny nose, but do you know the yule lads and their child eating cat? Do you know what meal you would be craving in Japan at Christmastime? Lean all about these, and many many more weird and wonderful yuletide traditions from all over the world.

Soul Sucking Snow Women with Sarah Hodge-Wetherbe
Japan has a long tradition of monsters, demons, and ghosts in their folklore. Anime has dipped into these stories and given them a unique spin.. We’ll be sharing some of the weirdest and spookiest of the supernatural tradition, and see how anime is adapting them for a worldwide audience.

A Christmas in Japan Spirit Party
Had fun last year at A Meiji Spirit Party? Well, join us for round two! Here is where we will discuss and collaborate on multicultural ideas on what a spirit is, and how it affects the spirit of Christmas in Japan! Sponsored by Reframe.

On the 12th Day of Christmas, Japan has Given Me
It’s Christmas time in Japan!! Come join me as we look at various facts and Christmas traditions in Japan. Is Santa just as jolly? Where did the festivities come from? And why so much chicken?

Animes to Watch on Christmas
Finally the holidays have come around and you have time off. Here are some of the best Christmas and Wintry animes to watch to put you in to the holiday spirits. Some titles that we will explore included Wolf Children, ef: A Tale of Memories and Tokyo Godfathers to name a few.

Chris”myths” In Japan
Since the introduction of Christianity to Japan in 1549, tension has marked its existence. However, certain aspects have been adopted into Japan’s culture. Let’s explore the evolution of Christianity in Japan and various myths that have developed over time.


Anime Name That Tune
Do you have the entire soundtrack to your favorite series memorized? Can you recognize Moonlight Densetsu” 3 bars in? Then you might have what it takes to win Name That Tune! All contestants are chosen from the audience, so come on down for your chance at some nice prizes if you know your tunes!

Dating Game
Think you’d only see the pairing of your dreams in crossover fanfic? Come check out the Dating Game! Our lovely bachelorettes and handsome bachelors from various anime, manga and video games are out for love and wacky hijinks the likes of which you’ve never seen!

Anime Jeopardy
“I’ll take Con Game Show Intros for 400, Alex!”
This question-based game show with our contestants selected from the audience will plumb the depths of their trivial knowledge.

7O3X Quiz Bowl
You are an Otaku. But, are you the wisest of them all? Join us with buzzer in hand, as you compete with fellow congoers to win treats and fabulous prizes. Categories include Anime, Manga, Light Novels, Games, and Japanese-culture. Join us in crowning 2017 AnimeUSA’s Otaku Sage!

18+ / Otaku Blue Panels

Baggage (Dating Game) (18+)
Everyone has some embarrassing, gross, unique, or weird about themselves, This goes double for our favorite Anime, Manga and video game characters. In Baggage, an eligible single character will have 3 characters to choose from, but each of them have 3 secrets to reveal about themselves that could make or break the relationship before it begins! Will we have a happy couple or will the final piece of baggage be the drill that broke the robots back? You’ll have to come out to find out for sure!

Unlike the dating game, you must be 18 to attend; 18+ wristbands WILL be checked at the door. Do not forget to get yourself a wristband or you will NOT be allowed in. No exceptions!

Basic Japanese Rope Bondage (18+)
Sciguy has been rigging for BDSM for over ten years, and running tutorial at cons for five. Let him show you the ropes and learn the basics of how to tie up your partner! This is an introductory panel that will go over safety, basic single and two-column restraints, harnesses, and will include demos.

Console Massacre (18+)
We all have Video Game Consoles we know and love, with many fond memories attached to them. But what happened to the Consoles that we didn’t buy? Come check out these glorious failures of capitalism and learn how they died. Spoiler alert: it’s a bit gory.

Coordinator’s Favorite Naughty AMVs (18+)

Cosplay Burlesque (18+)
Cosplay Burlesque is the East Coast’s premier burlesque troupe specializing in fandom and convention entertainment! Featuring a rotating cast of 30+ performers of all genders and orientations, Cosplay Burlesque has entertained audiences at over 40 events since 2008. We feature striptease artists, comedians, dancers, singers, sideshow, acrobats, & drag acts – all dressed as your favorite characters from TV, comics, movies, video games, and more!

Hot Mess Harry Potter (18+)
So you’re a fan of Harry Potter, but 20 years on, you’ve read the books, watched the movies, been sorted, visited The Wizarding World, gotten the tattoos, attended the conventions, spent months of your life reading fanfic, bought way too much merch, and suddenly you’re re-watching Prisoner of Azkaban for the 100th time when you notice the professors are low key alcoholics who are totally okay with terrible things happening to the students. Or that Dumbledore metagames like it is his job. Or that there are some really, really dark mythological implications casually dropped in the stories. Come poke around the darker corners of Hogwarts, discuss some of your favorite ships and crazy fan theories, and talk about those things that keep you returning to Hogwarts long after you’ve reached creepy-alumni-who-really-needs-to-move-on-with-their-life status.

The Hot Seat (18+)
Be prepared for the most unpredictable and unforgettable late night panel yet. Leah Clark’s classic card game is back. With cards faced down on the table, participants will volunteer to draw. If they draw an odd number, they can ask the panel anything they want (respecting guests limits to be stated at beginning of panel). If they should draw an even number, the panel then can ask the participant anything they want. A face card is wild and the participant can choose their fate. Hilarity and awkwardness ensues.

Intermediate Japanese Rope Bondage (18+)
Do you already know a few knots, or have you been to the Basic Rope Bondage panel already? If so, come on down and some more advanced techniques! We’ll be going over Takate Kote (Japanese box tie), non-rope bondage, and how to use everything in both panels in a practical environment. Attendance of the basic course is recommended, but not required.

Japan’s Latest Hentai (18+)
Part lecture, part Q&A, and all hentai. Mr. Hentai answers questions and tells you about what is going on in the world of hentai.

Kink Community Q&A (18+)
You have questions we have answers! Do you have a question that we couldn’t get to in one of our other BDSM presentations? Do you have a burning desire for information or advice, but are too shy to ask openly in a crowded room? We have a varied group of kinksters from long-time tops and bottoms with years of experience, relative newcomers, and even fetish models who want to give you help you along your kinky journey. Questions can be anonymously submitted to for any/all of our adult educational programming.

Nightmare and Naughty AMV Contest (18+)

On the Edge:Tackling Sexuality in Anime/Manga (18+)
As the visibility of the LGBTQIA community is becoming more prominent, this panel is a look at Asexual, Intersexual, Bisexual, Pansexual, Non-Binary and Transgendered Characters in Anime and Manga.

Quirky Kinks: Hentai & Beyond (18+)
In the world of anime there’s something for everybody, even the more devilishly mature of us. Enter our arena, the ecchi and hentai side of the medium. If it’s amazingly gross or extremely ridiculous then it’s home is here. Come on in, have a few laughs that you’ll be ashamed of and see weird stuff you’ll never be able to forget.

Sexual Nerds: The Intersection of Geek and Kink Culture (18+)
Hentai, tentacles, and chainmail bikinis, oh my! Ever wonder about the cool things you see in the dealer’s room, like the handsome guy in full leather, or the cute girl in a rope harness and collar? Are you curious about what they mean, but are too afraid to ask a stranger? There is actually a huge community of people interested in those things just like you! We’d like to help you find resources, answer your questions, and hopefully make the kinky world just a little less dark and scary.

Showcase (18+)

When Translations Go Insane (18+)
There are a lot of issues with translating anime – even more so when it comes to hentai and dojins. This panel will take a look at some of the best of the worst, from all the lewd places we can find.

Yaoi and Beyond (18+)
Are you a die hard Yaoi Fan? Can’t wait for the next volume of your favorite series or the next update online? Join us for Yaoi and Beyond! We did all the hard work for you. Dozens of web series, comics, novels, tv shows, and movies that we personally recommend to any Yaoi fan.

The Yaoi Game Show (18+)
You know what yaoi is but how much do you know about it? Join the host in the best panel game show around boys and there butts.

Cosplay Panels

Idol Bootcamp!
Do you love idols?! Do you love cosplaying idols?! Idol cosplay experts Barracuda and Ichigokitty are here to spread the glittery gospel of idol culture and how to make (or find) amazingly sparkly idol costumes from your favorite idol series like Love Live, The iDOLM@STER, AKB0048 and Aikatsu! Please join our idol activities!

The Secrets of Group Cosplay
You love cosplaying with your friends, interested in learning techniques to make your group cosplay an amazing experience?  Veteran cosplayers Barracuda and Ichigokitty have over 25 years of combined experience and are here to share the in’s and out’s of creating a successful group cosplay experience!

Wig Basics
In this introductory panel, Barb and Jay of Mabie Knot Designs & Cosplay will discuss wigs! They will teach about the different types of wigs and accessories, how to wear a wig, and how to style, maintain and store them.

3D Printing & Costuming
Barb and Jay of Mabie Knot Designs & Cosplay will teach you how to get the most out of a 3D Printer for Costuming. They will Introduce you to the different types of filament, printers, and how to find patterns. They will also talk about how to select a 3D printer, what brands to purchases and basic trouble shooting.

Mold Making & Materials for Cosplay
In Costume and Prop construction, we often find that we need a specific small bauble or decoration that we can’t quite find in stores. We can construct the item ourselves, however, we need about 12 of the baubles to complete the display. During this demonstration, Jay and Barb of Mabie Knot Designs & Cosplay will discuss the various ways to use several different mold types, and the various materials you can cast in your mold!

Reading and Using commercial Patterns for the Plus Size Costumer
So you have decided to construct and sew your own cosplay. You have bought your pattern, but the pattern doesn’t come in your size. Barb and Jay of Mabie Knot Designs & Cosplay are here to help! They will show how to read a pattern, how to take your measurements, how to re-size patterns to fit you, and how to choose the correct fabric type to fit you and your pattern/costume.

Frankensteining Patterns with Briana Lawrence and Jessica Walsh Sometimes, the pattern you need for a costume simply doesn’t exist… or doesn’t come in the size you need. This panel by SnowCosplays will go into how to up-size patterns, how you can take pieces of different patterns to make your cosplay work, and how to make you costume work for your body type.

Cosplay is for Everyone with Sarah Hodge-Wetherbe, Briana Lawrence and Jessica Walsh
The Cosplay is for Everyone movement is a coming together of cosplayers who have decided to fight back against the myth that only perfect physical representations and recreations of characters are welcome in the cosplay world. In this discussion we’ll talk about the body positivity movement, the many facets of bullying in the community and the issues surrounding this behavior. Most of all, we’ll talk about how we all can make both cosplay and fandom better for every fan.

Masquerade Magic!
Love to sew? Creating props? Make things glow? The Anime USA Craftsmanship Competition is the place for you!
What is the Craftsmanship Competition, you may ask? It’s a place where Cosplayers and costumers alike come together to show off their craftsmanship skills in their own one-on-one judging session. Creators, fabricators, seamstresses and tailors will be able to show off their amazing work to bring beloved characters and original ideas to life in this competition. Participants of the Craftsmanship Competition also get the opportunity to join in the Masquerade to show off their hard work in a cosplay fashion show!

Cosplay Craftsmanship Competition
Love to sew? Creating props? Make things glow? The Anime USA Craftsmanship Competition is the place for you!
What is the Craftsmanship Competition, you may ask? It’s a place where Cosplayers and costumers alike come together to show off their craftsmanship skills in their own one-on-one judging session. Creators, fabricators, seamstresses and tailors will be able to show off their amazing work to bring beloved characters and original ideas to life in this competition. Participants of the Craftsmanship Competition also get the opportunity to join in the Masquerade to show off their hard work in a cosplay fashion show!

Crochet – “Knot” Just for Grandmas
Learn how to adapt some Crochet elements into your cosplay to add that extra bit of flair and style. Don’t know how to crochet? Knot a problem! Learn a few basics, how different types of fibers will add that extra texture to make your outfit stand out, and how a little extra time can teach you new skills and save you some money. From Sailor Scouts to Legend of Zelda the Loftwing’s the limit.

Cosplay Dance-Off
Cosplay Dance Off, Where Street Dance meets Cosplay! Watch as our teams battle it out as your favorite characters against each other for that Convention’s Grand Champion title!

Cosplay Masquerade
Cosplayers, performances and shenanigans abound! The Anime USA Masquerade features them all!
What is a Masquerade, you say? It’s a place where Cosplayers and costumers alike come together to show off their performance and craftsmanship skills in one exciting and entertaining show! Performers will be judged for their ability to captivate and entertain a crowd, bringing their favorite series and shows to life through dance, comedy, or even drama. Meanwhile seamstresses and tailors show off their amazing work to bring beloved characters into being on stage. Participants of the Hall Cosplay Craftsmanship contest also join to show off their hard work in a cosplay fashion show!

Cosplaying on a Ramen Budget
Cosplaying doesn’t have to always break the bank. One can even do it on a Ramen budget. Learn the art of re-purposing, and how to turn drab into fab. All you need is a bit of creativity and an open mind.

Cosplay Craftsmanship Competition
Love to sew? Creating props? Make things glow? The Anime USA Craftsmanship Competition is the place for you!
What is the Craftsmanship Competition, you may ask? It’s a place where Cosplayers and costumers alike come together to show off their craftsmanship skills in their own one-on-one judging session. Creators, fabricators, seamstresses and tailors will be able to show off their amazing work to bring beloved characters and original ideas to life in this competition. Participants of the Craftsmanship Competition also get the opportunity to join in the Masquerade to show off their hard work in a cosplay fashion show!

Electronics for Props & Cosplay
Lights, Sound, Action! This panel will focus on getting started using microcontrollers like Arduino to and basic electronics to create stellar cosplay and props.

Cosplay Based on Ancient Cultures
In this panel we’ll be talking about how to create your own twist to a cosplay based on concepts of the cultures they were derived from while also talking about how to not cross into cultural appropriation.

Where Magic Begins: A Disney Cosplay Panel
Ever wanted to look like the Disney characters but don’t know how? Look no further, this panel will help you turn into the Disney character that you want to be! We will discuss a variety of topics from costume sellers to styling that impossible princess hair! Let’s create magic together!

Buying Cosplay for Cheap: An Introduction to TaoBao and Others
Ever wonder how you can buy beautiful cosplays for cheap? Look no further! In this panel, we will be introducing the wonderful world of taobao where you can get amazing custom-size costumes for cheap. We will also provide tips on shopping on popular sites such as Amazon or Ebay.

Jojo Posing 101
Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is famous for characters freezing in interesting and amazing poses. We will teach many of these poses and get everyone doing them!

Evocative Workshop Q&A

Cosplay 101 with FireLily

Historical Costumes & How to Make Them

Kaiju Molding with Evocative Workshop

Cosplay 201 with FireLily

Corsets, Bodices & Underthings…oh my!

AMV Panels

What’s it Like to Judge an AMV Contest?


Cosplay and AMVs

The “Nice” AMV Contest

Game AMVs
Games don’t get their fair share of love when it comes to music videos. Enjoy an hour of nothing but love for Game Music Videos.

The Original Fandub Duo: This Is Otakudom and S.T.E.A.M.
Come see what one of the very first Fan Parodies ever created is! Come watch the students in Furenkin High learn what happens at an anime con known as OTACON! This is Otakudom was created in 2001 and took footage from multiple animes with a base of Fushigi Yugi and over dubbed their own audio script! Steam is the unofficial sequel to This is Otakudom! and brings back many of the voice actors from the first and puts their own script with a base of Kenshin! come sit for the evening and prepare to laugh as these Fan Parodies are done by none other than Scott A. Meltzer and N.O.N.D.E. Productions!

Editing Effects and Effective Editing
AMVs are awesome, right? Especially that one with all the effects! You know the one; it looked so cool, right? But…what was it about? Why did it use those effects? In fact, what even happened? Come learn about how to tell a story with effects, appropriately. Remember, with great rendering power comes great responsibility.

AMV Experiences Over the Years
Come join me Gene Starwind 21122 as I take you on an AMV journey. A journey that started back in 2002 for me at my first convention when I saw my first AMV. An AMV that inspired me to become the editor I am today. I’ll be showing some of the most inspirational AMV’s I have seen and what has helped fueled me to keep going. Come see some of the best AMV’s of all time…(well at least in this editors opinion.) Come an be inspired maybe you’ll join the AMV crew one day.

Under The Box Productions Presents!

Official Animated Music Videos of Various Bands

AMV Concepts and Theories: Basics of Editing 101
Want to learn where creating an AMV all begins, want to find out what makes for a great AMV? Come to our Basics of Editing 101 Panel where I, Gene Starwind 21122 will talk to you about some techniques and creative processes that are involved in AMV Editing. We will also discuss editing programs and show some editing techniques to get you started. Feel free to ask me any questions as I’ve been editing since 2002 and have been a contest coordinator at several conventions. This is your chance to ask an experienced AMV editor questions that you have been waiting to ask. I want to help existing editors and help bring new editors in to our community.

Retro AMVs

Best AMVs of 2017

The “Nice” AMV Contest

Coordinator’s Thoughts on AMV Contests

Best of/Worst of AUSA’s AMV Entries

2017 Anime USA AMV Awards Ceremony

The Last Four Years of Anime USA AMV History
Come see a 2 hour run of AMV’s that Anime USA has received since 2013. You will see our winners, runner ups, finalists and some of the ones that did not make it! Come enjoy a look through the last 4 years!

Fan Panels

Fate/Servant Theory
Who would be the greatest servant of all time? The Fate series is about servants from history fighting for the Holy Grail. Let’s discuss what you need to keep in mind for summoning a servant! Some heroes from history could be amazing, and others, the worst. Bring your ideas!

“More Arcs, Less Filler” – Eastern Influences on Modern Western Animation
Have you ever sat through certain shows and and sworn you’ve seen those episodes before but in Japanese? You have! See exactly how in this panel.

I Love the Power Glove, It’s So Bad!
In retrospect, Lucas Barton’s iconic line in 1989’s “The Wizard” can be viewed as a skillfully disguised, though painfully self-aware assessment of the officially licensed Nintendo product. The Power Glove is one of numerous video game accessories that never should have seen actual production. Consider this panel an absurd compendium for those who like to gawk, as well as necessary catharsis for those who were unfortunate enough to own some of these awful video game contraptions.

Japan Loves Evangelion, Entirely Too Much
Join as we take a look at the many ways that prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that Japan loves Evangelion entirely too much. From zany merchandise, to theme park attractions, to an attempt to send an unmanned probe to pierce the moon’s surface with a miniature replica of the Spear of Longinus.

Wota 101: Idol Culture
You’ve likely heard about idol culture recently due to it’s gaining popularity; you see the fans with their glow sticks, but might not know much about it. Come join Ichigokitty at the Wota 101 panel to learn about the art of being an idol fan at concerts.
Hear crazy stories, see some of the interesting “moves” that go with songs, and learn first hand experience of fan culture at events. From standard calls to air-cycling upside down, this panel is sure to inform and entertain from beginner to expert. At the end of the panel we can do calls, or learn a wota dance!

25 Years of Sonic the Hedgehog
Let’s blast through with Sonic speed as we discuss Sega’s beloved mascot of 25 years! From the Genesis era to Sonic Forces…there’s a lot to discuss!

Ask Professor Kitty!
What did the con choose this particular band? Why wasn’t my panel selected? What makes a great masquerade skit? How can I add convention experience to my resume? These are all questions that many attendees and staffers have asked over time. Our director of Programming, a 16 year convention staffing veteran, is ready to sit down and give you a greater insight into the “why”‘s and “how”‘s of the convention world. You’ve got questions? We’ve got answers!

2000’s Anime You Missed
The 2000s hold titles that flooded our industry with merchandise and fans. We all know shows like Ouran High School Host Club, Code Geass and Fullmetal Alchemist, but let’s check out some shows that got overshadowed, but still deserve love!

Missed Connections: The Ultimate Crossover Panel
What happens when two characters from different animes (or video games, western cartoons, or just nerd culture in general) who were never supposed to meet actually do? Do they fall in love? Do they fight to the death? Do they team up and take over the world? That’s for the audience to decide.

Theme Song Bingo
Theme songs from anime will be played and participants will identify the tunes and mark their cards accordingly. Prizes for winners!

The Three Pillars of Sports Anime and Their Counterparts
Sports anime have been on the rise in recent years. This panel will explore the three pillars of sports Slam Dunk, The Princes of Tennis, and Major and their counter parts Kuroko’s Basketball, Baby Steps, and Ace of Diamond and how it affects current sports anime.

Unexpectedly Smart Shows
Ever sit down to watch a show about mage fights and find a debate about state leadership? How about a show about space garbagemen and finding a show about human progress? I’ll be sharing some of my favorite finds in anime and I hope you bring yours.

The Complete Outsider’s Guide to Gundam
Gundam’s popularity continues to rise in America. Join Brent P. Newhall (ONVPodcast on YouTube) as he guides you through the basics of the franchise, explains the model kit phenomenon, and recommends a few series to start with.

Effective Merch Collecting
Enjoy scoring a bargain? Learn about the best offline & online strategies for sourcing the best idol and anime merch at reasonable prices while in Japan and in the US. Grace will discuss how to effectively value your collection, determine the items most worth pursuing, and trade effectively.

The Women of Mobile Suit Gundam
Gundam is not just about the boys! This panel will explore the women of Mobile Suit Gundam and their impact on the series. Some of the characters that will be explored are Fraw Bow, Sayla Mass, and Lalah Sune.

Anime Parliament – The 100th Session!
This will be the 100th session of Anime Parliament, the panel where fans and characters alike can come forward and attempt to institute the changes they feel should be made. Expect some of the best cases to date for such a special occasion!

Sports Anime for the Fujoshi
Cute boys showing “great teamwork” – what’s not to like? This panel goes through our favorite OTP moments and tropes in popular recent sports anime series (Haikyu, Daiya no Ace, Yuri on Ice, Yowamushi, among others), as well as provides recommendations on favorite doujinshi circles.

Criminals & Detectives: The World of Mystery
From Lupin the third to Detective Conan and Golgo 13, the world of crime has had a major foot in the door of japanese media. Come along and discover little known or massively popular long running crime fiction series.

Kingdom Hearts II.9 Over 6 Months Re: Final Countdown featuring Dante from Devil May Cry (DOXIII)
The trailers are out, the orchestral world tour is over, Tetsuya Nomura has retreated to his cave, and if you also are awaiting the prophesized coming of Kingdom Hearts 3, you may be thinking, “What’s happening? What can we expect? Will Dante be in it or was that just a bad panel joke?” Worry not, for our panel of Certified Kingdom Hearts Loremasters will help untangle the last few titles in the series for you to find clues that point towards the KH3 plot, as well as tidbits from interviews, content from the mobile game and concert series (yes, really), and a solid dose of Tinfoil Hatting. Join us and bring your best fan theories for audience participation!

How Do You Become a Digidestined?
Everyone wants to be a Digidestined. But what qualities must one possess to be the Chosen Children, everything is not what it seems. Come with me as we take a deeper dive into the beloved Digimon series.

Weird, Cool & Slightly Disturbing Japanese Commercials
The craziest collection of commercials from Japan you’ll ever see! From an alien Tommy Lee Jones to a family whose father has become a dog. You’ll see exploits such as an accident prone Soda mascot and Segata Sanshiro beating up zombies. Witness the Hilarity!

Anime Flashback
Take a look back at what being an anime fan was way back in the day. Learn about some classic and not so classic shows, fun and weird facts and share thoughts on early anime fandom.

Megane Madness: 4-Eyed Favorites
We all argue over who is “best girl” in just about every anime series. There’s no debate when it comes to anime girls in glasses! Let’s admire these framed girls (and guys) of anime!

The World of Japanese Commercials
In Japanese commercials there exists a lot of characters for specific brands, join us for a conversation about these interesting characters as well as how they sometimes cross over with other forms of media, as well as each other.

Anime & Video Games: A Symbiotic Relationship
Anime and Video Games are destined to eternally affect one another. Be it Anime-based Video Games, Video Game-based Anime, or anime with the theme of video games.

The 10 Biggest Mistakes Otaku Make
Join veteran otaku Brent P. Newhall (ONVPodcast on YouTube), with 20 years as an anime fan, for a look at the mistakes otaku make over and over again. Is the industry really facing doom?

Pirates of Sea & Space
Ahoy there! Pirate themes in manga, anime, videogames, and japanese live action have been around since days of old. Come along on a voyage of discovery as we celebrate their mark. From Leiji Matsumoto to Eiichiro Oda and beyond. Buried treasures of entertainment, rediscover classics and things you only dreamed of.

Powerful Partners
Pokémon, Digimon, Medabots, and… Beyblade? There are partnerships throughout Japanese Media, join us to discuss this particular genre and pick your favorite partner.

The Problems with J-RPGs
JRPGs have a lot to offer in story and in gameplay – but what about the aspects that don’t do so well? This panel will attempt to shine a light on them.

If You Like That Anime, Watch This!
You’ve watched some classic anime, like Cowboy Bebop, Evangelion, or Madoka Magica. Are there any other anime like them out there? What anime inspired those classics? Brent P. Newhall (ONVPodcast on YouTube) will recommend anime for those series and a bunch more!

You May Have Missed It: Good Recent Shows
So much stuff comes out every season that it can get overwhelming – this panel is for those (newer) shows that you may have missed due to lack of advertising or the show being overshadowed.

Gotta Go Fast!
“He is the fastest things alive!!” Sonic the Hedgehog has been in our hearts since 1991, lets take a look back on how far the blue blur has come. 25+ years through games, comics, anime TV shows and even surprise moments.

Good Boy! Dogs in Anime
Anime: it’s seems to be full of cats, cats, and more cats! But what about us dog lovers? There have been many shows in which dogs have played critical roles like Cowboy Bebop or Dennō Coil. This panel will give them their time to shine as we talk about the many cute dogs found in our favorite shows and the role they played.

Don’t Judge a Show by it’s Cover
Anime is sometimes a big time investment. And sometimes, you may not pick up a show because of its art, its description, its title, or something else. But some shows deserve a second look, and this panel will hopefully explain why.

Modern Directors who are Not Miyazaki
Miyazaki is considered to be one of the best Anime Directors to ever live, but with his recent retirement who will take his place. This panel will explore several directors including Monty Oum, Shinkai, and Hosoda who are viewed as being able to fulfill the shoes Miyazaki has left the anime world.

Love Live: School Idol Panel
Love Live is a world wide phenomenon with movies, music, anime, books, and more. But for fans in the US, we only get a fraction of the whole Love Live experience. This panel will introduce new facts about the girls, and talk about the parts of the franchise you can only experience in Japan.

Yuri on Ice vs. Figure Skating
What is Yuri on Ice? How does it relate to actual figure skating life and competitions? Come find out by a professional figure skater!

Underrated Military Anime
For Decades the Military Genre has been one of the most watched genres in the anime industry. While many shows within this genre have garnered the attention of fans several have not. This panel explores several military anime, such as Flag, Area 88, and Gundam 0080 War in the Pocket, which have paved the way for several other military animes.

The Staff Behind the Anime
There are many well known anime – but not as many well known composers or directors. If you want to learn about some of the staff behind your favorite shows, this is your panel.

PC’s, OC’s and Avoiding OP: Creating Characters for a Pre-Existing World
Whether it’s for a fanfiction, a roleplay, a tabletop campaign, or just to post a picture on DeviantArt, creating characters that fit into a pre-existing world has become a staple of nerd culture. But there is an art to doing so, and even the most experienced can fall into some of the bad habits of character creation. This workshop will discuss how to avoid these mistakes and will focus mainly on characters used for a narrative purpose (fanfiction and roleplaying). Topics will include making sure that characters fit the setting, writing backstories and how much backstory should be written, taking inspiration from other characters, how to tell when a character has become a self-insert, and shipping original characters with canon ones.

Eating Well & Cheap at Anime Conventions
Do you find yourself hungry and/or eating garbage and instant ramen at conventions? Do you want to learn how to save money AND eat well at cons? Then come to Eating Well and Cheap at Conventions and learn how to keep your wallet and your belly full at con.

Idol Rhythm Game – The Primer
Not sure where to begin with iDOLM@STER or Love Live? Curious about Aikatsu? What’s this Million Live thing? What about boy idols? There’s something for everyone in rhythm game! Join us in discussing how to get started in idol fandom through mobile games. Live demo included.

μnite presents: Wotagei 101
Do you want to cheer on your favorite Japanese idol, but not sure how? Ever wonder how fans chant and dance with lightsticks in sync? Then this panel is for you! Join the performers of μnite as they teach you the basics of Wotagei!

Law & Order
Ever wonder how reflective anime is of Japanese culture? Is it true to life or is it just fantasy? Well it turns out when it comes to law, sometimes they hit the nail on the head! Come join this panel and delve into the comparisons between both.

The Godfather of Anime: Osamu Tezuka
Osamu Tezuka is known as the ” Godfather of Anime” for creating many timeless series. Some of his works are still considered legends in the anime world, Astroboy and Black Jack, to name a few. This panel will explore his life from childhood to adulthood and how he became The Godfather of Anime.

Convention Survival 101
Hey con attendees! Is this your first convention? Maybe you just want to learn more about them? This panel will help show you how to make the most out of your convention experience. Topics will include information on: registration, panels, pre-con prep, con etiquette, emergencies, and ultimately how to have the greatest time at conventions!

Gentle and Not So Gentle Arts: Martial Sports and Japanese Culture
Did you know that the creator of Attack On Titan is an MMA fanboy? That Japan got MMA decades before the USA? That a real life judo olympian’s career was parraleled by a popular anime character? We’ll be discussing that and more and showing you the grappling techniques of the samurai and the modern olympic sport of judo.

How Yuri on Ice Changes the Yaoi Game
We’ll explore the history of Yaoi as a genre, the shows that influenced its style and themes, and dissect the concept of “queerbaiting” and how such a concept came to be. Then, we’ll discuss and predict how Yuri on Ice will change the Yaoi genre going forward. This is an open-forum style panel, so we encourage audience participation and questions.

The Story Behind Miyazaki’s “The Wind Rises”
Why would Miyazaki, a pacifist, make his final movie about the creator of the Zero, a WWII fighter plane? What is he saying about war, life, and his own career? The wind is rising – we must try to live!

Anime and the West’s Influences on Each Other
Anime has only within the last decade really started to pick up in steam in the US – however, their roots together go back much further than that. This panel will look at how anime and entertainment in the US have fed and grown off each other.

Sweat Drops and Dynamic Poses: What Separates Anime from Other Animation
Anime is obviously not made like a Disney film or an episode of South Park. But what makes it different? And how can you win arguments when others complain that anime is “terribly animated?” Join Brent P. Newhall (ONVPodcast on YouTube) as he guides you through 100 years of animation, contrasting anime with other approaches to animation at the technical level.

FanFiction 101: I Suck at Summaries
Get your notebooks out and pencils ready! Whether you’re new to the world of fan-fiction or just need a refresher course; FanFiction 101 will get you on the right track. Be a better reviewer, beef up your characters, avoid the dreaded hiatus and keep your story flowing! Mary Sue’s, reviews, and summaries oh my!

Writing Discussions
Returning for the SIXTH YEAR at AUSA, an open discussion about writing in all forms. Whether you write fanfics, professional pieces, or for fun, we’re talking about anything writing related! Let’s network with other peers and enthusiasts to learn tips and tricks of the craft. Sponsored by Reframe.

AniTech: So you Want To Build a Gundam
Gundam Impact – Economic, Military, Geo-Political. How they would shape our current world.


Kaede Fleece Doll in Winter Holiday Dress
Come make Anime USA’s mascot, Kaede. Teens and adults only, limited slots, first come first served.

Anesama Holiday Greeting Cards
Come make Anesama Holiday Greeting Cards! Older kids through adults, limited slots, first come first served.

New Year’s Oshie Stick Dolls
Come make Oshie Stick Dolls! Older kids through adults, limited slots, first come first served.

Kaede Fleece Doll in Winter Holiday Dress
Come make Anime USA’s mascot, Kaede. Teens and adults only, limited slots, first come first served.

Tabi Nekos (Sock Kitties)
Come make sock kitties! Children through adults, limited slots, first come first served.

Wood Kokeshi Doll Angels
Come make Kokeshi Doll Angels! Older children through adults, limited slots, first come first served.

Teru Teru Bozu (Rain Doll)
Come make Teru Teru Bozu! Kids only, limited slots, first come first served.

4NE1 K-Pop Dance Workshop
Over the years, K-pop has become one of the biggest global phenomenons to grace the music industry. Come dance with VCU based org 4NE1 as they teach the choreography to some of the top Japanese releases from your Favorite K-pop stars!

No More Excuses: Hand Sewing 101
Want to cosplay, but don’t have a sewing machine? THAT’S not an excuse! This workshop will teach you some basic stitches to help get you started, as we complete a small project.

The Itabag Workshop
An itabag is a bag decorated with pins, keychains, etc. and range from simple to extreme (and expensive) projects. Learn more about this “fandom fashion” trend and get decoration tips, make friends, and get some Itabag swag!

Worldbuilding 101
So you want to play god, but don’t have any magic to do it. You’re in luck! This is a world building workshop, with anime and Japan as our guide. Come learn how to make other worlds, other cultures, other people, and everything else that isn’t a vampire or cat.

Making the Magicks
Tarot cards are everywhere in film, art, video games, and television. Their inescapable appeal has influenced many fanmade. Instead of paying for a new deck, get crafty and make your own! Swing by and learn how to make your own tarot deck based on popular anime characters or whatever your heart desires!

The Divine Move: Introduction to the Game of Go
The game of Go has a history spanning millennia – from ancient China, to around the world! Profound and thrilling, of course they made an anime about it! Come and learn how to play with examples from its exciting history, and from the smash Shonen Jump hit, Hikaru no Go!

Guests & Musical Performers Panels

Wine Tasting with Spain
A fun and educational wine tasting experience with Sommelier Dave Trosko, the voice of Spain in “Hetalia.” Join Dave as he teaches the basics on wine tasting, wine making, and explores the main varietals found in his favorite wine growing region Spain. Drink some wine with a pro and walk away a little smarter and classier. This is a ticketed event intended for our members over the age of 21 years. Please see the Anime USA website for registration information.

Sake and Japanese Folk Tales
A fun and educational sake tasting experience with Lisle Wilkerson. Join Lisle as she reads traditional Japanese folk tales that she grew up with while sampling a variety of sakes. This is a ticketed event intended for our members over the age of 21 years. Please see the Anime USA website for registration information.

You Can Get Paid To Do This!
Are you a die hard Yaoi Fan? Can’t wait for the next volume of your favorite series or the next update online? Join us for Yaoi and Beyond! We did all the hard work for you. Dozens of web series, comics, novels, tv shows, and movies that we personally recommend to any Yaoi fan.

Bushido Lounge
Take a “Break” as DJ AAROCK takes you on a Jazz-hop musical journey through mystic hip hop breaks and Samurai Champloo inspired beats and rhythms. Get up and dance to the boom-bap of the drums or just chill and nod your head to the chill vibes of the melodies.

Triforce Quartet: Concert in the Wild
Get more Triforce Quartet in your life and catch their impromptu performance. While you are there, check out our Host Club!

Edo Bushido Concert
Edo Bushido, a show presenting Japan styled, influenced, and produced hip hop featuring Substantial (a world wide known pioneer of Jazz Hop who worked with the legendary producer Nujabes from the anime “Samurai Champloo”), Asheru (responsible for the popular theme song Judo Flip from the acclaimed Cartoon Network animated series “The Boondocks”), and DJ AAROCK (who backs them up on stage and goes between Eastern and Western styles of popular music and hip hop).

Anime Vs Hip Hop: A Concert Panel With Tribute to Nujabes & Other Warrior Producers & MC’s
A panel discussion about the many bonds that anime and hip hop share with each other. From Samurai Champloo and the acclaimed soundtrack produced by Nujabes and Fat Jon to countless hip hop songs that have sampled anime sound bites and themes.

Triforce Quartet: Music and Gaming
Join Triforce Quartet to discuss gaming and how it influences their music.

Triforce Quartet Concert
Enjoy a performance by Triforce Quartet, a traditional string quartet that plays video game music. Featuring music from Zelda, Final Fantasy, Super Mario Bros., and more!

VG Music Writing with Mason Lieberman
How do composers like Koji Kondo, Nobuo Uematsu, and Yoko Shimomura manage to write such ear worms for games? How does it all work? What exactly makes audio “3D”, and why do I keep hearing the word layer, branch, and cut thrown around? Composer Mason Lieberman will break down how video game music functions on a creative level, why it works to entrance us as it does, and what exactly composers do to create the things they do! There will be an opportunity to have questions answered.

Story Time with Mason Lieberman
Sometimes, weird things happen in the wonderful world of anime music. Really weird things. Come join composer Mason Lieberman as he discusses starting up a career in the music, anime, and gaming industries by way of anecdotes about some of the projects he’s been a part of over the last few years! Questions will be answered, and earth-shattering truths revealed. Or, you know, something along those lines.

Leah Clark Meet and Greet
For Leah’s most hardcore fans. 30 minutes of Q/A “panel,” followed by all-access signing, photo ops and chats. Designed to give fans front-of-the-line treatment OR an extra opportunity to get autographs if missed earlier. Swag prizes when available will be given here. The more notice given, the more opportunity I have to round up the loot!

Chris Cason’s Voice Acting Q&A Jamboree
From “Dragonball Z” to “Fullmetal Alchemist” to “Sword Art Online 2″ to Hetalia” to “Borderlands 2″…Chris has voiced over 100 exciting titles. Now’s your chance to hear what it was like to record them! Find out what it takes to become a professional voice actor! Find out if he likes pie more than cake!! (Why am I shouting?!?)

Yuri!!! On Ice Dating Horror Stories
Come for a fun filled panel full of dating horror stories from the voice of the heartbroken Georgi Popovich, Dave Trosko, and Oscar Seung, voice of Seung-Gil Lee. Have all of your dating questions answered and share your own triumphs and failures with the audience. Tissues and comfort food are more than welcome.

Anime: Behind the Scenes with Chris Cason
Ever wondered how your favorite dubs are actually made? Join Chris Cason as he peels back the curtain and discusses what it’s like to take an animated property from the written word to the images on your screen. With audience participation, professional advice, and hilarious “tales from the booth”–it’s anime from the inside out!

(Mis)Adventures of the Blonde Geisha
Join Lisle Wilkerson for a discussion of Japanese culture and entertainment related topics. Get the inside scoop on Japan!

Meet Chris Patton!
Come and meet Chris Patton during this Q&A session where you can ask questions about acting, anime, and more.

Q&A with Trina Nishimura
Come and meet Trina Nishimura during this Q&A session where you can ask questions about acting, anime, and more.

Play Tekken Against Nina
Get your game on and play Tekken against Lisle Wilkerson, the voice of Nina Williams!

Voice Actors Question Your Choices
We have questions too! What’s YOUR favorite role we played? What does anime mean to you? What exactly do you do at conventions when not at panels? How long do you spend on your cosplay? Let voice actors find out more about what it’s like to be on the other side.

Everything You Wanted to Know About the Ghost Stories Dub but Were Afraid to Ask!
Chris Patton spills the tea on the Ghost Stories dub. Learn the deep, dark secrets and juicy details you never knew existed!

Voice Acting Audition Technique
Experienced in acting, directing and producing in both anime and commercial media, Leah Clark and Chris Cason will provide tips for improving your own audition and voice acting skills. Practice cold reading and taking direction with the pros. Or just watch and see what the audition process for anime is like.

“American Dynasty” Screening
Catch a first glimpse of the first Asian-American family drama! American Dynasty revolves around the Han family. The matriarch, author Evelyn Han, crafted a fictional life for that of herself and her family. They couldn’t escape this fiction and must deal with real life once tragedy strikes. For more information about the show, please see

Chris Cason’s Sound Off!
Tired of sitting through boring Q&A panels? Feel like you always have great questions, but you never get to ask them? Annoyed listening to one person blabbering on and on for an hour?!? Well, this is the panel for you! Join Chris Cason as he takes the mic…and asks YOU the questions. Sometimes embarrassing, a little awkward, and always funny–you will never look at the person next to you the same way again!

VIP Meet & Greet
A special event for our Sponsor members to meet our guests, mingle, enjoy hors d’oeuvres, and good conversation.

Kaffe Talk
Grab some coffee and pastries and chat with your favorite voice actor. This is a ticketed event and space is limited. Please see the Anime USA website for registration information.

From Fanfiction to Professional Writing with Briana Lawrence and Jessica Walsh
Once upon a time, Brichibi and Snow were fanfiction writers who used to roleplay with their characters. Then one day Snow wrote the first chapter to a novel with those characters. Together, the two women had turned their fanfiction and roleplaying into a book series. This panel will go into how they managed to do that, and how fanfiction writing became one of the best ways to practice their craft.

Man At Arms
Join Matt Stagmer, Ilya Alekseyev and Bill Collison as they share their passion for bladed weapons and talk about the art, craft, and expertise that go into the sensation that is Man At Arms.

The Intersection of Technology and Romance: Steampunk 101 with Sarah Hodge-Wetherbe
For all its appeal, steampunk can be a very hard genre to define. In this panel, we discuss the various ways steampunk is identified, look at how it developed as a genre, and see how it is influencing everything from literature to film to music.

Suffering Sapho!: A Brief History of Wonder Woman with Sarah Hodge-Wetherbe
She’s one of the most recognized characters in the history of American comics, but many fans don’t realize her strange and rich history. Together, we’ll explore the long and complicated journey of the amazon princess.

You Can Get Paid To Do This! The Music/Voice-Acting Super Crossover Panel
Your friends and parents may have told you that you couldn’t make a living off anime, but they probably never got the chance to attend this panel! Join Mason Lieberman, Dave Trosko, Oscar Seung, and anyone else who may choose to appear, on this fun-filled romp through life working in the arts. We’re not totally sure what’s going to happen when everyone gets together, but it’ll probably change your life. This panel will include significant opportunities for questions to be asked.

Living the Freelance Life with Briana Lawrence and Jessica Walsh
“Oh wow you work from home? You have it easy! I wish I had your job.” Both Briana and Jessica work as freelance writers and are self-employed, and both will tell you how terribly inaccurate that line of thinking is. This panel will go into the ups and downs of working from home, the unexpected challenges of creating your brand, and provide some tips for any future creators out there.

Behind the Mic with Mason Lieberman
Have you ever wondered how the music in your favorite shows was made? Composer Mason Lieberman will walk you through the anime music production process in this highly-interactive panel, climaxing with a live guitar solo from a local guest artist to be tracked on a project Mason is actively working on at the time of the con! While particularly recommended to musicians and general artists, this panel is best for anyone who has ever wanted a deep-dive into the inner-workings of one of the places where music and business collide. The panel will include time for Q/A.

The Ins and Outs of Mecha
Mecha. They’re huge, they’re dumb, they’re pointless, and they are the greatest thing humankind has ever dreamt up. Join us for a stroll down just what makes a mech mecha, why Voltron has catheads for hands, and what mecha look like in the real world (yes, they do exist).

The Horror that Influenced Stranger Things with Sarah Hodge-Wetherbe
Netflixs hit horror/fantasy series owes a lot to the creators that came before it. From 80’s horror films, to classic horror fiction, this presentation examines what inspired the chills in “Stranger Things.”

The Great Cartoon Rewind with Sarah Hodge-Wetherbe
The 80’s were weird. Really weird. Nothing shows how weird as well as the cartoons on our TV’s every Saturday morning. Come and take a walk down memory lane to a time when MTV was king, and Trapper Keepers were as far as the eye could see.


Voltron Meetup

Star Wars Meetup

Kingdom Hearts Meetup

RWBY Meetup

Dragon Maid Meetup

Pokemon (Go!) Meetup

Fate Meetup

80’s and 90’s Anime Meetup

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Meetup

Attack on Titan Meetup

Sailor Moon Meetup

Lolita and Fashion Meetup

Digimon Meetup

Steven Universe Meetup

Disney Meetup

Breath of the Wild Meetup

Love Live Meetup

Boku No Hero Meetup

Fire Emblem Meetup

No Game No Life Meetup

Nier Meetup

Persona Meetup

Monogatari Meetup

Fetlife Meetup (18+)